Top 5 Most Dateable T.V. Characters

Top 5 Most Dateable T.V. Characters

What do most Americans do when they want to get away from the reality of the creepy guys from online dating sites or their lazy, lack luster boyfriends? They pour a glass of wine and turn on the television. T.V. is probably one of the most popular forms of escapism.  As audience members we often get so involved with the fictional characters that we think of them as real people. If fiction were reality the characters covered in this article would be the Top 5 most dateable men of all time!

5. Detective Elliot Stabler

Show: Law and Order SVU

Actor: Christopher Meloni

Why he’s so dateable: His piercing blue eyes, masculine features and brawny build are enough to make any woman swoon. In addition to his undeniably sexy looks the fact that he’s a cop (no, not just a cop, a NYPD Special Victims Unit detective) adds to his hotness. Besides being totally drool worthy his passion for women and children’s rights makes him super dateable.

4. A. C. Slater

Show: Saved by the Bell

Actor: Mario Lopez

Why he’s so dateable: His dimples are  heart warming and the sparkle in his eye is delightful. Not only does he have a beautiful face but he has a body that could win fitness championships. Slater is not just Bayside High’s hottest wrestler but he is also a sweetheart with a high energy personality. Even with his curly mullet who wouldn’t want to date him!?

3.Will Smith

Show: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Actor: Will Smith

Why he’s so dateable: His mischievousness and sense of humor are terribly charming. Despite being a tad immature he is quite loveable.  Will has an adorable face and a unique sense of fashion that would make him stand out in any crowd especially in the conservative neighborhood of Bel-Air. His personality and his loyalty to his family make him the type of guy who you would want to take home to mom and dad.

2.Jerry Kellerman

Show: Raising the Bar

Actor: Mark Paul Gosselar

Why he’s so dateable:  Jerry is a zealous public defender who looks like a super model. His all American good looks are just the icing on the cake. Jerry will go to the edge of the earth to defend the rights of the underprivileged. Although his rebellious streak tends to get into trouble with judges, law enforcement and opposing counsel his sexiness and his passion make him extremely dateable.

1. Uncle Jesse Katsopolis

Show: Full House

Actor: John Stamos

Why he’s so dateable: Jesse is the awesomely sexy front man of rock band Jesse and the Rippers. He has amazing hair and intense eyes and did I mention... he is a rock star! Not only is Jesse hot and talented but he is also great with children. He spends most of his adult life helping  raise his widowed brother-in-law’s three little girls. He then goes on to be an excellent father to twin boys. This guy is the full package. In the words of Uncle Jesse… Have mercy!

Who do you think are the most dateable T.V. characters of all time?

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