The 4 Most Important Dating Don'ts

The 4 Most Important Dating Don'ts

There are so many dating do’s and don’ts that it’s almost impossible to keep track. And everyone is different so behavior that may offend one person may charm another. Therefore, it’s hard to know which dating do’s and don’ts to follow and which to ignore.  J.O.Y. Love has come to the rescue. Below are the 4 most important dating don’ts.

These don’ts are absolute and they are universal. No matter where you’re from, who you are or who you're dating these are the 4 things that you should never do when getting to know someone new. Unfortunately, many singles are guilty of all of these abhorrent behaviors. So read, take heed and pass along to those in need.

Don’t ask for your date’s ‘number’

It is rude, voyeuristic and inappropriate to ask your date how many sexual partners he or she has had. This information has nothing to do with you, therefore, there is no reason for you to know. Furthermore, many people don’t tell the truth about their ‘number’ so in essence you are simply wasting your time by asking.

Nothing good can come from having this discussion. It will likely only lead to jealousy and insecurity for one or both parties. Why intentionally provoke such negative emotions? Avoid the conversation altogether. If you are concerned about protecting yourself from STIs then the appropriate question is “when was the last time you were tested?” Not “Soooo…what’s your  ‘number’?”

Don’t interrogate your date

Getting to know someone new should be pleasant and intriguing not intrusive and uncomfortable. Chances are you aren’t a cop or a lawyer; therefore, it is not your job to interrogate people. Even if you are engaged in one of the aforementioned professions your date is not under arrest nor is he or she on trial so save the probing questions for work.  Be sure to try to read your date while you’re gathering information about them. If your date seems shy and reserved go slow in getting to know them don’t just bulldoze forward interviewing for the soul mate vacancy you’re trying to fill.

Also, don’t psycho analyze. No one wants to date a Sigmund Freud wannabe. Avoid asking about her relationship with her dad in order to evaluate if she's well adjusted. Don’t ask questions about his parents' marriage  to try to ascertain if he's husband material. All of this information will come out in due time. Peel apart your date’s layers carefully and at a pace that is comfortable for both of you.

Don’t send unsolicited penis pics

Nobody wants to see your junk so do everyone a favor and keep it in your pants. Contrary to what you may believe you aren’t turning your date on by sending him or her unsolicited close ups of your man parts. Sorry  guys but there is nothing attractive or erotic about naked male genitals. Even if you think you’re the next Ron Jeremy, sending nude photos via text, email or Twitter is a horrible idea. Ask Anthony Weiner if you don’t believe me.

If you send nude photos to your date they will be forwarded and passed around to all of your date’s friends and acquaintances without fail. And you will be laughed at and unanimously deemed a loser. Why subject yourself to such scrutiny? Chronic exhibitionism is a sign of not being mentally well. If you have some issues that need to be worked out that’s fine but you need to take care of them without traumatizing your date.

Don’t retaliate

Getting rejected is part of being a grown up and you acting a fool about it is not going to make the person who rejected you change their mind and suddenly want you. So if you write to someone on an online dating site and they don’t respond it’s best not to follow up with a nasty email. When someone you meet at a bar refuses to exchange contact information it’s not appropriate to call them a stuck up bitch or to claim that they aren’t that cute anyway. These retorts will never get you anywhere. So just don’t.

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