Dating Etiquette Tips

Dating Etiquette Tips

Unfortunately, singles no longer adhere to the simple formalities that should go along with courting someone. Now that we are in the digital age many people are not putting in any effort when it comes to dating. They just hide behind their electronics and seek the attention of others via email or texts. Don’t be one of those people. When it comes to dating you get out of it what you put into it. So put in some effort and use the proper dating etiquette next time you meet someone new.

Call and ask the person out

Don’t hide behind electronics. Pick up the phone and let your date hear your voice. If you are thinking of pursuing a relationship with this person they should be worth the minimal effort it takes to pick up the phone and dial their number.

Confirm the date the day before

Be sure to confirm the date the day before. You don’t want to leave your date wondering if you’ve changed your mind. A lot of people are flakes so give your date reassurance that you are not one of those people. Sending a quick “I’m looking forward to tomorrow I’ll see you at 6:00” is the polite thing to do and it takes less than five minutes. So there is no reasonable excuse not to.

If you have to cancel do so at least 48 hours in advance

You should give your date enough prior notice so that they have time to make other plans. Be respectful of other people’s time. And when you cancel you should immediately reschedule for a later date in the near future.

Stand when your date enters the room

Be respectful. If you get there before your date when he or she arrives you should stand up, make eye contact and greet your date as if you’re happy to see them.  And you made a date with them so you should be excited to see them.  Show some enthusiasm!

Put your phone away and keep it there

This one should go without saying. You should be paying attention to your date not taking calls or texting. Also, don’t pull out your smart phone to look something up and fact check your date. It’s annoying and unnecessary.

If you initiated the date pick up the check

This is etiquette 101. Don’t just awkwardly look away when the bills comes. If you ask someone out you should pay.

Don’t say you’re going to call unless you’re going to call

Saying you’re going to call when you have no intentions of calling is called lying. Lying is rude and immoral and there is no place for it if you want to find a healthy relationship. So don’t do it.

Make sure to implement these dating etiquette tips whenever you meet someone new. Practice makes perfect!

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