Why You Shouldn't Add Your New Date on Facebook

Why You Shouldn't Add Your New Date on Facebook

Whether you like it or not technology has become a big part of everyday life.  The digital era has made dating much more complicated than it was in the olden days-pre social media. It is no secret that your relationship has a much better chance of succeeding if you keep it out of cyber space and in the real world. This article will cover just a few of the reasons why you shouldn’t add your new date on Facebook.

You Will Drive Yourself Crazy

Social media seems to make even the most mentally balanced person act like a crazed stalker. Before your date you may be tempted to scroll through his FB friends list and compare yourself to all of his female connections. Guys, when you find pictures of shirtless men in her photo albums you will drive yourself mad wondering if they are cousins or exes. Ladies, if you haven’t seen him in awhile you will analyze every new woman that he adds as a friend.

The voice inside your head will keep asking, “Why does he keep adding so many pretty ladies? Oh my gawd, that girl looks just like me! Is he seeing her!? Have I been dropped?” Why torture yourself when you don’t even know where things are going yet. Save yourself the torment and don’t add new flames on FB until things are serious.

You Will Develop a False Sense of Intimacy

Once you add your date on Facebook you will know his or her political leanings, religious background and the details of every vacation he or she has ever taken. Depending upon how often your date posts you may become privy to his or her every meal, gripe and triumph.  Reading constant updates on this person may give you the erroneous feeling that you really know him or her.

When starting something new you should get to know your date organically and not through social media. Wait until you know each other well in real life before you add each other on Facebook.

You Will Be Tempted to Showboat

The moment you add your new date on Facebook you will start editing your statuses and photos with the utmost scrutiny. You may change your entire FB page into a full out campaign to make your date think you’re cool. Before you know it you will be snapping at your friends for posting things on your wall that you deem to be too unfavorable for your new date’s eyes. Save yourself the drama and the self consciousness. Don’t add a new love interest on Facebook until you are secure in the relationship.

Happy Dating!

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