Master Your First Kiss With Someone New!

Master Your First Kiss With Someone New!

One of the most anticipated aspects of a date is the kiss at the end of the night.  Perhaps you haven’t kissed that many people  and you don’t know where to begin when it comes to the goodnight kiss. Even if you’re experienced you may be wondering  how to make your fist kiss with someone new more memorable. Here are a few tips to help you master the goodnight kiss.

Clean Your Mouth

On most dates singles go out to eat. If you have been munching all night chances are there are little bits of fish or beef tenderloin stuck between your teeth. If you’re a vegetarian perhaps you have garlic or hummus on your breath. You don’t want your date to be forced to eat the leftovers stuck in your molars.

As the night starts to wind down excuse yourself and go to the restroom. Floss and rinse out your mouth.  Once your mouth is clean use a breath strip or breath freshening spray. Your date will appreciate it.

Moisten Your Lips

In the days leading up to your date you should be taking good care of your lips so that they are not chapped or cracked. The Midwest winters are harsh so you should moisturize your lips every time you leave the house. You don’t want your date to be stabbed by a shard of dry skin protruding from your lips.

On your date while you are still in the restroom apply a light layer of lip balm. Guys, this applies to you too.  Ladies, blot your lipstick. I guarantee that your date does not want a red ring around his mouth. Go easy on the glosses. You don’t want to look or taste like you just got done eating a greasy bucket of chicken. Hydrate your lips lightly and your goodnight kiss will be better for it.

Think Disney Movie Not HBO Special

A good first kiss should be more romantic than sexual.  Make sure you swallow your saliva before the kiss. You should meet each other in the middle with your lips slightly parted. Make sure that your mouth isn’t gaping open.  For the first kiss, go slowly and show a little restraint. Your hands should stay above your date’s waist. Don’t wait too long to pull back. Both parties should be left wanting more.

Follow these tips and you will master the first kiss with someone new!

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