5 Tips for a Successful First Date!

5 Tips for a Successful First Date!

Preparing for the first date often fills singles with a combination of excitement, intrigue and dread. You may be dragging your feet as you get ready because you think this date will be another dud like all the rest of them. Or you may be full of nervous energy because you think that he or she could be “the one.”  Whatever your first date temperament these 5 tips will help to make your next first date a success!

1. Dress for Success

First impressions are lasting so prepare for your first date with the same amount of care that you would prepare for an interview. Shower. Good hygiene is sexy.

Go easy with the fragrances. Cheap pimp cologne or an overabundance of Axe is not going to win anybody over. Also, it’s best not to smell like you are preparing for a shift at the gentlemen’s club. Save all of the fruity, sweet scents for girls’ night. If you must wear fragrances wear something age and class appropriate.

When it comes to wardrobe wear something that is both flattering and comfortable. For instance, ladies, don’t try wearing stiletto heels if they hurt your feet and you can’t walk in them. Falling on the ground head over heels will not make the best impression. Guys, don’t try to be too trendy or else you run the risk of looking like a boy band reject. Wear what looks and feels good on you.

2. Location! Location! Location!

For your first date you should choose a location that facilitates good conversation. A crowded night club with blaring speakers is not your best choice. Also, a movie is a terrible selection for a first date because you are sitting in silence not looking at each other the whole time. An eclectic coffee shop or a cozy bistro would  be a great place to relax, have a good time and really get to know each other.

3.The Power of Touch

Be mindful of how you touch yourself and your date. Try not to bite your nails or nervously twirl your hair around your finger. It would be better to flirtatiously brush your hair away from your face or to assertively straighten your tie rather than to clumsily fumble with your watch or other jewelry.

When it comes to touching your date, don’t, unless you receive non verbal cues that it’s okay. During the first date a light touch on the knee to make a point is appropriate where a heavy swat on the bottom is not. Behave accordingly.

4.  Good Communication is Key

Using good communication skills is a sure way to make your first date more successful. Make eye contact but don’t stare. Listen to what your date is saying without interrupting. Use follow up questions to ask for clarification on important issues.

For your first date stay away from conversations about violence or explicit sex. These conversation topics are sensational and will distract your date from authentically getting to know you. It’s okay to have an intense or controversial conversation but try to keep it PG-13.

5. Think of Yourself as the Buyer Not the Seller

On the first date it is natural to be nervous. You’re probably really hoping that the person likes you and that you get a second date. You can alleviate some of your anxiety by thinking of yourself as the buyer instead of the seller.

The point of the first date is to evaluate whether you want to see this person again. Instead of trying to impress your date let him or her charm you.  Sincerely try to get to know this person so you can determine if he or she is a good fit.

Good luck on your first date!

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