Stay Safe on the Dating Scene

Stay Safe on the Dating Scene

Research has shown that victims of murder, sex offenses and sexual assault more often than not knew their victim. To avoid becoming a statistic you must be careful about whom you associate with especially when it comes to dating. There is an erroneous presumption that you are more likely to meet someone who will do you harm through online dating as opposed to other methods of meeting new people.

In all actuality wack jobs aren’t just online they hang out in bars, country clubs, coffee shops and at the gym with the rest of us. Therefore, it is important to take the proper precautions to protect yourself whether you meet your date online or elsewhere. Here are a few practical tips to stay safe on the dating scene.

Do your research

Before your first date with someone new be sure to get his or her first and last name.  Google your date’s name. Does he or she have a linkedin account or profile on a company website? Is it consistent with what he or she has been telling you? Has your date been in the news for anything negative?

Check the clerk of court’s online docket in your county and neighboring counties. Does your date have any criminal cases pending? Is he or she currently being sued for fraud or some other act of dishonesty? Does he or she have aliases that you don’t know about? Do your homework.

Give a friend or relative the scoop on your date

Before your date give someone you trust all of the vital information you have on this new person including his or her name,  online dating user name and/or twitter handle, and phone number. If you come up missing this information can be used to track the creep back to his mother’s basement or to his dilapidated shack on the outskirts of the city. The more information available the more quickly someone may be able to find you before the worst happens.

Also, give your friend or family member information on when and where you will be meeting your date and let them know you will check in after the date.  Keep your word and check in with that trusted friend or family member each time you come home safely from a new date. If you develop a reliable routine your loved ones will know to act quickly if you deviate from it.

Know where you’re going and provide your own transportation

On your first few dates with someone new you should meet up at a public place that you are familiar with. You don’t want some predator luring you across town to a place that you aren’t confidant navigating to and from. Or worse yet you don’t want to end up at some new “restaurant” that is actually his private dungeon.

Meet somewhere that you’ve been before and that you know is safe. Although it is chivalrous for your date to pick you up or offer you a ride home, provide your own transportation until you get to know this new person. Once you get into a stranger’s car they have full and complete control.

Don’t voluntarily relinquish control of your own safety.  No matter what get to the date and back home on your own even if you have to call a cab.

Have fun on the dating scene and stay safe!

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