5 Places to Find a New Love in the New Year!

5 Places to Find a New Love in the New Year!

During the holiday season many singles are lonelier than ever. On television there are a plethora of diamond commercials and at holiday parties mistletoe is everywhere. At Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners you may have gotten flooded with questions about why you haven’t settled down yet. If any of this feels familiar, worry not. Finding a compatible mate in the new year is within reach. Here are 5 great places to find a new love this year.

1.Join a gym
The gym is a perfect place to find a mate.  You will get a chance to see some of the same people regularly over the course of the year. You may feel self conscious because you’re in your sweaty gym clothes and not your date night clothes but actually you are quite attractive after a vigorous work out. When you exercise you give off natural pheromones and the increased circulation gives you a healthy glow. The gym is the perfect place to approach someone new. Wait until the hottie on the elliptical is done with his or her workout, simply say “hi” and see if there is a spark.

2. Sign up for a coed sports team
Many recreational sports teams gather for drinks and other social activities before and after games. This is the perfect time to bond with teammates and to flirtatiously trash talk the opponents. Playing sports increases adrenaline and endorphins and it is easier to develop chemistry with someone new when these chemicals are present.  Be sure to give an extra special congratulations to the cutie who’s serve won the volleyball tournament and see where things go from there.

3. Volunteer for a cause you care about
You are more likely to have a successful relationship if you find someone who shares similar values. By volunteering you can not only help make the world a better place but you can also find people who are rooting for the same causes.  After a hard day’s work ask your passionate colleague out for coffee to discuss how to further the cause. While you two are at it maybe you can discuss how to further your relationship.

4. Take a class
Is it your new year’s resolution to learn a new language or to take up swing dancing? There is no time better than the present. Pick up a new class this year and meet lots of interesting new people. Having a common interest is a great way to break the ice with someone. Ask one of your intriguing classmates to study or practice with you before the next class. Before you know it you will not only be learning from each other but also about each other.

5.Frequent bookstores
The bookstore is a great place to meet someone if you are looking for a mate that is intellectual and well read. Unlike at the bar, at the bookstore is easier to pick people up by type. If you want a mate who is good in business strike up a conversation with a woman in the business section. If you’re looking for someone that is into new age philosophies go to the self help aisle and ask the gentleman next to you for his opinion on the latest self improvement book. Pretty soon you’ll be trading book titles and perhaps phone numbers too!

Happy New Year!

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  • In the bookstore, sci-fi is a good place to look. You might find someone there who's out of this world.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    That's good fodder for a pick-up line! I love it.

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