Your Boyfriend Makes You Fat

Your Boyfriend Makes You Fat

Love will make you fat. Being in a long-term relationship typically adds 5-10 lbs of ‘Love Chub’. When you’re single there is a clear incentive to look good. It’s not the desire that fades so much as the new lifestyle and habits that blossom with the relationship. Just because you’re attached doesn’t mean you have to lose your single bod. Here are a few things to look out for.

Dating involves a lot of restaurants. What else are you gonna do? You have to be social. If it turns out your BF is even a wannabe foodie, he'll probably impress you with his expertise of burgers joints and pizza parlors. You should have a good time, but don’t go overboard. Sharing doesn’t have to be a 50/50 proposition. You can enjoy a few bites without downing the entire basket of french fries.

And drinking. While at those restaurants you may be more inclined to hit the bottle. Those early conversations seem to go better with a side (or sides) of wine and cocktails. Unfortunately those drinks contain a lot of liquid calories. Try not to make it a ritual. Limit yourself to A glass of wine and if possible try to avoid the sugary cocktails.

He eats all the time. He’s gonna eat more than you, so don’t try to keep up. It’s not a competition. Guys also tend to eat more junk. Introduce him to healthy snacks. Who doesn’t like hummus? Eat more fruits and vegetables than he does - make it a game if you have to. Try to find something he can snack on that you have no desire for. If nothing else, replace the potato chips with popcorn.

Once you find that special someone - you gain a new appreciation of classic sedentary activities such as: sleeping in on weekends, lounging in the park, snuggling on the couch, etc. Spending too much time “hanging out” on the sofa will turn you both into couch potatoes.

He thinks channel surfing is a competitive sport. If the only curls your man knows are orange and cheesy - we may have a problem. Having a workout partner is fun, but working out together is overrated. If you can pull it off, that’s great, but if you can’t manage more than the carpool to the gym - that’s fine too. Forcing him to participate in Yoga class will cause more trouble than it’s worth, and neither of you will get a good workout. Get some “me time” and get your sweat on.

Josha Krueger is a NSCA-CSCS certified personal trainer, an AFPA Sports Nutrition Consultant, and owner of Kru Strength + Fitness.

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  • Haha this article made me giggle a little, but it really is true, and works both ways. Spending your time with a couch potato will eventually lead to becoming a couch potato, hang out with those who exercise and you will be more likely to exercise.

  • Great article, now all I have to do is convince my boyfriend call of duty is not exercise.

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