Surprise, Surprise! Giants Win Appeal Of Shortened Wrigley Loss

Surprise, Surprise! Giants Win Appeal Of Shortened Wrigley Loss
PROTEST UPHELD: The Giants surprisingly won their protest of the shortened five-inning loss to the Cubs and the game will be resumed on Thursday at 4:05.

Well, I guess I was loud wrong in my previous post about the San Francisco Giants having no chance of winning their protest of the 2-0 loss to the Cubs on Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning.

Major League Baseball upheld the protest on Wednesday, but really didn't say publicly why it sided with the Giants. According to the Hunter Wendelstedt, the chief of the umpiring crew, immediately following the game, there was nothing in the rulebook to allow for the game to be suspended.

As unfair as it might have seemed, the Giants appeared to be SOL (Shit outta luck) -- until MLB ruled on Wednesday. The game now will be resumed Thursday at 4:05 before the teams played the regularly-scheduled game at 7:05.

The Giants are the first team in 28 years to win a protest in baseball, so you can see why I thought they had no chance.

According to Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer, the protest was upheld because of "mechanical issues" with the tarp on Tuesday night. In the rulebook, there is a provision to allow for a suspended game if there is a mechanical issue with a tarp.

Most people, including me, thought that referred to an automatic tarp like the one in old Busch Stadium that infamously injured Vince Coleman in the 1980s, but MLB apparently stretched that interpretation to include "mechanical issues" with putting down a manual tarp like the one at Wrigley Field.

To me, it's a ridiculous ruling, but the Giants have to be thrilled to get a chance to complete the game. I'm not so thrilled. I'm working Thursday's game, so now I have to sit through a "doubleheader" after being stuck at Wrigley until 2;55 a.m. Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

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