LeBron Returning To Cleveland A Feel-Good Story

LeBron Returning To Cleveland A Feel-Good Story
THE HOMECOMING: LeBron James already has made Cleveland fans feel like winners with his decision to return to the Cavaliers.

I've said many times that I've never understood all the hate directed towards LeBron James. He's a great player who handled ridiculous hype as a teenager with the maturity of someone much older and has never been in trouble off the court.

The only thing he's done since entering the NBA that you can criticize him for is the manner in which he left the Cleveland Cavaliers four years ago.

Well, James' decision on Friday to return to Cleveland should negate some of that criticism.

The Cavaliers have some good young talent, but this decision was about more than just basketball. It was about wanting to return home and bring success to the area where he grew up. Despite two championships and four trips to the NBA Finals in four years in Miami, James realized his heart was in Northeast Ohio.

And now that he has two rings, he won't be under the tremendous pressure he faced during his last couple of years in Cleveland.

If James is successful in bringing a championship to Cleveland, a city that hasn't experienced the ultimate success in decades, his legacy will be cemented as the area's greatest athlete of all-time.

Here's a link to the SI.com story where James announced his decision:


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