'Trumped Up' Sign Controversy The Chicago Way

'Trumped Up' Sign Controversy The Chicago Way
The view of the Trump sign from the Michigan Avenue bridge as it was being installed.

The controversy over the “TRUMP” sign on the Trump building is so Chicago.

I mean, it’s one of those “controversies” where my initial reaction is to ask why people are getting so worked up over something so insignificant. But as I’ve noticed during my 20 years living in Chicago, that’s what people here do – they’re against change if it doesn’t directly benefit them.

It’s one of the reasons the Cubs have yet to get started with the renovation and expansion of Wrigley Field.

People are entitled to their opinions about the Trump sign and I understand why some don’t like it. But their opinions are irrelevant and the campaign to force Donald Trump to take it down is just silly.

There’s nothing outrageous or offensive about the sign. If that’s how Trump wants to brand his building, that’s his right.

Amazingly, Mayor Emanuel jumped into the fray on Thursday, calling the sign architecturally “tasteless.”

Emanuel wasn’t in office at the time, but the Trump building and sign certainly are more attractive and tasteful than what was on that site previously. The Sun-Times building, with a Chicago Sun-Times sign atop, was an eyesore.

Not one to miss a marketing opportunity, Trump went on the offensive on Friday, making the rounds of national morning shows to defend the sign. He said the feedback he’s receiving is overwhelmingly positive.

He also took a shot at Emanuel and everyone else getting worked up about the sign.

“I just think that Chicago has other problems that they should be worried about – not a sign,” Trump said.

Well said.

The most ridiculous aspect of the controversy is the sign complies with all of the standards established by the city. Emanuel admitted as much on Friday and said there was nothing he could do to make Trump take it down or reduce its size.

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Here's a clip of Donald Trump on "Today":

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