MLB Scheduling Killing Buzz Of Cubs-Sox Rivalry

MLB Scheduling Killing Buzz Of Cubs-Sox Rivalry
Besides delivering the best punch of the Cubs-Sox series, catcher Michael Barrett also has the best line. Right before clocking A.J. Pierzynski following a collision at home plate, Barrett said: "I didn't have the ball, bitch!"

News flash: The Cubs and White Sox play the first of four straight games against each other tonight at Wrigley Field.

If you’re a fan of either team and didn’t realize that fact, don’t beat yourself up – it seems like that’s exactly what the folks who make up the schedule at Major League Baseball want.

Why else would they schedule the only four games Chicago’s baseball teams will play against each other this season in early May (when the weather is still very sketchy) in the middle of the week (when kids can’t attend because they have school the next day)?

Oh, and then there's potential conflicts with Blackhawks and Bulls playoff games, which will be the case on Tuesday.

It’s as if MLB is doing everything within its power to reduce Cubs-Sox games to regular games.

Granted, the atmosphere never is going to be what it was when baseball first introduced Interleague play in the late 1990s. The novelty of watching Chicago’s baseball teams face off in meaningful games – which before Interleague play could only happen in the World Series (stop laughing!) – made each game a special event and created a playoff-type buzz in the ballparks.

Tonight I’m predicting there will be scores of empty seats in the stands because of the cold and the fact it’s a Monday in early May.

If the games were played in mid-June or July on the weekend, the stands would be packed, the crowds would be buzzing and the beer would be flowing (OK, so not everything would be perfect).

But hey, I'd be willing to put up with a few drunken Dude-Bros to have the games played at a more convenient time when the weather's nicer.

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