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Illinois HIV Budget Cut 2013

If you didn’t hear, our Illinois Governor (Pat Quinn) proposed on March 6th to cut the 2014 Illinois HIV budget for HIV/AIDS services from $26 million down to $21 million (16% cut).  The sad thing, or at least one of the sad parts of this budget cut, is that this will be the third year in a... Read more »

Gay marriage in Illinois and hatred voiced on Facebook

Gay marriage in Illinois is quickly approaching, however after yesterday’s Senate vote to approve the bill, anger began to flare up on Facebook. ABC-7 posted a story on Facebook informing viewers of the bill’s progress and that the Senate voted to pass it through.  However, what followed in terms of user’s comments, was nothing short... Read more »

Gay marriage in Illinois 2013

The bill allowing gay marriage in Illinois 2013 (aka The Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act) just now passed in the Illinois senate with a vote of 34-21! Today, Valentine’s Day 2013, history was made in our state as we move one more step in our journey for equality. Watching the live broadcast brought both... Read more »

Illinois Gay Marriage 2013

Illinois gay marriage is closer than ever to happen for the thousands of individuals in the state, including myself and partner. According to news sources, the marriage equality legislation was approved on Tuesday (Feb 5th 2013) by the Senate committee, which means that it not goes to a full Senate vote.  The fun part about this vote,... Read more »
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