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HIV used to cure Leukemia?

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I found this video posted on a wonderful friend’s page about how doctors in Pennsylvania injected modified HIV cells into a young girl living with Leukemia.  Now before everyone gets up and gets crazy about doctors “infecting” a girl with HIV, let me start by explaining that they did not. What Dr. June and his... Read more »

Illinois HIV Budget Cut 2013

If you didn’t hear, our Illinois Governor (Pat Quinn) proposed on March 6th to cut the 2014 Illinois HIV budget for HIV/AIDS services from $26 million down to $21 million (16% cut).  The sad thing, or at least one of the sad parts of this budget cut, is that this will be the third year in a... Read more »

Baby cured of HIV in Mississippi?

If you are anything like me, you put down your cup of coffee this morning to read an amazing news article about a child in Mississippi being “cured” of HIV.  Yesterday at a major AIDS meeting held in Atlanta, scientists unraveled a story about a child born from an HIV+ mother who no longer shows... Read more »

Oral sex and the risks of HIV and STIs

Oral sex and the associated risk for HIV and STIs is one of the most common topics in my line of work.  While the concept and action of oral sex is pretty easy (open wide and insert), it’s a little complicated to talk about the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection. Here’s what we... Read more »