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15 Steps for correct condom use

Some friends of mine over at Indiana University (home of the Kinsey Institute) recently put out research based on correct condom use and statistics from men and women admitting to the following errors.  Before we go into the common errors in condom use, let me state that condoms are (when used properly and correctly) one... Read more »

North Carolina STD Testing Bill

Well…North Carolina is at it again… Just recently, the state’s committee (of course Republican controlled) approved a bill that mandates teenagers to have a notarized parental consent to receive STD testing/treatment, pregnancy care, mental health services, and/or substance abuse treatment.  Pretty fucked up huh?  What makes it worse is that those youth who do not... Read more »

Greece HIV Testing Law

Recently, I have decided to add Greece into the list of countries that I have lost respect for due to their draconian laws and medieval attitudes about sexuality and/or HIV.  The above photo is one of the Health Minister of Greece (Adonis Georgladis) who has instituted a Greece HIV testing law that takes the country... Read more »

Supreme Court, AIDS grants, prostitution, oh my

Yesterday the Supreme Court decided a major in for my friends who are sex workers and receiving services from ASOs (AIDS Service Organizations) in the country.  With a six justice majority, it was decided that ASOs CANNOT adopt policies against  sex workers and/or prostitution due to being a breech against the First Amendment. Now, here... Read more »

Robert Bazell's 1982 AIDS report from NBC

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A dear friend of mine sent this to me today in remembrance of where we were 31 years ago. This video is the first new story created by NBC to discuss the “new and rare form of cancer” that is seemingly affecting homosexuals, however Bazell does comment that it is showing up within heterosexuals... Read more »

Inside male sperm

Ever wonder what male sperm is made out of, or other random facts about this “sex juice”?  Well, I figured to have fun today and post a blog about male sperm to help provide you some fun information about something that majority of us have had some contact with in our lives. Let’s start with... Read more »

Sexually transmitted infections: Incidence and prevalence rates for the US

This month (February 2013), the CDC published two analyses that display both the incidence and prevalence rates for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the United States. Before reviewing the core of the information, a few things need to be addressed about the data and its collection.  The data sets represent information that was collected for... Read more »

Oral sex and the risks of HIV and STIs

Oral sex and the associated risk for HIV and STIs is one of the most common topics in my line of work.  While the concept and action of oral sex is pretty easy (open wide and insert), it’s a little complicated to talk about the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection. Here’s what we... Read more »