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United Nations Free and Equal Campaign

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Here’s a great riddle for you to start your day… “What exists in every corner of the world – embraced and celebrated in some countries but is illegal in 76? What is hidden for fear of public shame, imprisonment, torture or even the death penalty in 7 countries? What tears families apart? What makes people... Read more »

Greece HIV Testing Law

Recently, I have decided to add Greece into the list of countries that I have lost respect for due to their draconian laws and medieval attitudes about sexuality and/or HIV.  The above photo is one of the Health Minister of Greece (Adonis Georgladis) who has instituted a Greece HIV testing law that takes the country... Read more »

Russian gay ban

Yesterday, June 29th, also the day of the Chicago Gay Pride Parade 2013, the Russian President (Vladimir Putin) signed a law (I’m referring to it as a Russian gay ban) that is changing the path of human rights and the progress we have made as a species on this planet. According to the new law,... Read more »