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California Anti Boy Scouts Bill

Due to recent events in California, I am starting to have a finer appreciation for “The Golden State”.  During the last couple of weeks, two major pieces of legislation have been voted upon which are helping to put an end towards LGBTQ discrimination and pissing off a few religious zealots.  Before going further, you know... Read more »

United Nations Free and Equal Campaign

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Here’s a great riddle for you to start your day… “What exists in every corner of the world – embraced and celebrated in some countries but is illegal in 76? What is hidden for fear of public shame, imprisonment, torture or even the death penalty in 7 countries? What tears families apart? What makes people... Read more »

Greece HIV Testing Law

Recently, I have decided to add Greece into the list of countries that I have lost respect for due to their draconian laws and medieval attitudes about sexuality and/or HIV.  The above photo is one of the Health Minister of Greece (Adonis Georgladis) who has instituted a Greece HIV testing law that takes the country... Read more »

Russian gay ban

Yesterday, June 29th, also the day of the Chicago Gay Pride Parade 2013, the Russian President (Vladimir Putin) signed a law (I’m referring to it as a Russian gay ban) that is changing the path of human rights and the progress we have made as a species on this planet. According to the new law,... Read more »

DOMA (defense of marriage act) struck down by Supreme Court

With a mighty bitch slap of equality…the United States Supreme Court ruled this morning that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!! DOMA was initially signed by President Clinton in 1996 which prevented gay marriage rights on a federal level.  Say for instance my amazing hubby Edward and I got married in Illinois (which... Read more »

The UpStairs Lounge Fire (2013 trailer)

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40 years ago today, the largest LGBT massacre occurred in New Orleans at the Upstairs Lounge, at the corners of Iberville and Chartres Street.  In the city, not only was it the last day of Pride Weekend, but it was also the 4th anniversary of the Stonewall riot.  It was on June 24th of 1973... Read more »

Exodus International and "gay therapy"

Recently I heard one of the best pieces information…that Exodus International was ending.  If you don’t know about this horrendous non-profit, let me fill you in on their mission. Founded 1976 in Orlando, Florida (big surprise another wonderful thing from Florida), this organization was based on the concept of helping gay identified individuals and “cure”... Read more »

Gay Man Denied Visitation Rights, Arrested in Kansas City

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Not that long ago, Roger Gorley was visiting his partner, Allen Mansell, at the Kansas City Research Medical Center.  What started off as a man being at the bedside of his life partner, turned into a tragic series of events. While being there with love and support for his partner, Roger was asked to leave... Read more »

Gay marriage in Illinois and hatred voiced on Facebook

Gay marriage in Illinois is quickly approaching, however after yesterday’s Senate vote to approve the bill, anger began to flare up on Facebook. ABC-7 posted a story on Facebook informing viewers of the bill’s progress and that the Senate voted to pass it through.  However, what followed in terms of user’s comments, was nothing short... Read more »

Gay marriage in Illinois 2013

The bill allowing gay marriage in Illinois 2013 (aka The Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act) just now passed in the Illinois senate with a vote of 34-21! Today, Valentine’s Day 2013, history was made in our state as we move one more step in our journey for equality. Watching the live broadcast brought both... Read more »