After spending years in the restaurant industry, this 30 yr old Chicagoan found his true passion in life; social work within HIV and AIDS and the GLBTQQI community.

Being that I am from the gay community, these two populations are very dear to my heart and are the focus of my academic and professional training and research.

Currently, I work at an ASO (AIDS Service Organization) as a HIV Prevention and Outreach Specialist on the north side of Chicago.  My role within the organization is to conduct weekly outreaches in bars and sex clubs to offer HIV testing, individualized risk assessments, and group level interventions (such as workshops).

I have lectured at NEIU in their community health department, as well as at UIC, in regards to HIV/AIDS care and treatment and health disparities within the GLBTQQI community.

When I am not educating the community, I am in school finishing the last year for my MSW (Masters in Social Work) at the UIC Jane Addams College of Social Work where I have chosen to concentrate on mental health.

This blog will be about social policy (particularly around my community and HIV/AIDS), health disparities and the reality of our society, and life.  My goal is to keep this blog "real" and allow readers to share their stories and experiences  along with those of my own.

Our society is constantly evolving and adapting to our own behaviors and beliefs.  If discrimination, harassment  stigma and intolerance is ever going to end, we have to stand up and make it change even if we have to challenge our friends, family and loved ones.