United Nations Free and Equal Campaign

Here's a great riddle for you to start your day...

"What exists in every corner of the world – embraced and celebrated in some countries but is illegal in 76? What is hidden for fear of public shame, imprisonment, torture or even the death penalty in 7 countries? What tears families apart? What makes people confront the risk of brutal violence on a daily basis? What simple trait gets people treated as second-class citizens everywhere they go? What gets children kicked out of homes, students bullied and expelled from schools and workers fired from jobs without warning? What has existed in every country throughout history but some people still consider 'abnormal'?"

"The answer? Being gay, being lesbian, bisexual or transgender. All over the world millions of people face violence and discrimination. Just for being who they are. Every nation is obligated by international human rights law to protect all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people from torture, discrimination and violence. The United Nations has one simple message to the millions of LGBT people around the world."

"You are not alone. LGBT rights are human rights. Together we will build a world that is Free and Equal."

This powerful movie is the beginning of the United Nations Free and Equal Campaign which is a public education initiative to bring awareness and information around the world.  The Free and Equal Campaign will focus on LGBT discrimination and violence such as the atrocious actions of Russia, Greece, Uganda, and the countless other countries who are treating the LGBT community like national enemies and public health risks.

It is important to know that the United Nations Free and Equal campaign is the first of its kind from the international organization.  Its mission and directive is to combat the hatred and bigotry in the world as it concerns sexual and gender identity.  It almost makes me sad knowing that it has taken this long, and countless deaths and punishments dealt, for such an united front to be born.  While we know that the United Nations is limited in its actual powers, I hope with all my heart that their voice and support will help to light the darkness that millions of LGBT individuals face.

I hope that my readers spread the word about this and share in the beginning of a new future for the world.  While we still have many huddles to jump, political blockades to destroy, and billions of ignorant minds to educate; I believe that we are taking the first step towards a future where people are no longer beaten, imprisoned, or even given the death penalty due to their love and expression of self.

Until that day happens, our work as a civilization and people will not end.  So stand up!  Make a difference!  And help the Free and Equal Campaign!  In closing,  I would like to leave you with a quote from Nelson Mandela...

"If people can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite."

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