Kidnapped for Christ

The above video comes from Kidnapped for Christ, which is a new documentary that follows the story of David (and others) who is sent to Escuela Caribe in May of 2006.

Escuela Caribe is in the Dominican Republic and operates as an Evangelical Christian reform school.  The "school" is run by Americans whose mission is to, "help struggling youth transform into healthy Christian adults."  See where I am going with this yet??

Kidnapped for Christ is directed by Kate Logan, and hopes to bring awareness of the abuse (mental and physical) that the "students" faced while being "transformed in healthy Christian adults."  These abuses included both physical and mental punishments as a means of reparative therapy (see my previous blog post on Exodus International) and help them through their shameful homosexuality.

The following are quotes gathered from New Horizons Youth Ministries, which operates as a support group for youth who were forced to attend Escuela Caribe.

From Matt: "...I was a part of seeing a student shoved from a standing position to flying onto the ground flat on his back, then additionally body slammed into the ground when he tried to get up because the student was refusing to see things from other's points of view. The student then began to wail as he was pinned to the ground by an administrator who was attempting to get him to comply..."

From Anna Hinterkopf: "I witnessed students who tried to run away be put in the “QR” (Quiet Room) — a cell with a cement floor and bars on one small window. Students who were sent here had to earn back all privileges. Their hair was cut or shaved, they had to sleep on the floor and gradually earn back human rights, like having a bed frame and mattress to sleep on (their shoes and socks were taken so they could not attempt to run away). Some students were in the QR for up to a month or more. During that time they could not speak to or look at other students. When I became a high-ranker I was assigned to bring one of the students who was in the QR a tray of dinner and I would whisper encouragement to them — a crime I would have been severely punished for had I been caught."

These quotes are just a fraction of those that can be found by students who have been freed from this hellish "school".  It breaks my heart hearing these stories, while knowing that their parents fully support Escuela Caribe and it's punishment techniques.

In the case of David, he was a 4.0 student in Colorado and sent to Escuela Caribe after coming out to his parents as being gay.  Like many other kids sent there, David was picked up in the middle of the night and was never told where he was going or when he would see home again.  After being sent away, his parents came up with various excuses as to why he was not home after friends started getting concerned.  Kidnapped for Christ is attempting to share David's story, along with countless others, and show the truth of these schools that parents are sending their kids to in order to "cure" their homosexuality.  Although, it should be mentioned that not all the kids at Escuela Caribe were homosexual.  Many of them were sent due to drug use, depression, etc.

One of the many sad points about Escuela Caribe, and one of the messages in Kidnapped for Christ, is the fact that there are many more of these "schools" in and outside of the United States.  As one previous "student" said, once they left the continental United States they knew the real shit was going to start.

Currently, Kidnapped for Christ is asking for support to finish the editing process so it can be shown to the public.  I hope that you will share this story of inhumane abuse to kids and take a look at the website for the movie,

More documentaries and press needs to be generated about these fucking outrageous prison camps for kids!


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