Gay marriage in Illinois and hatred voiced on Facebook

Gay marriage in Illinois is quickly approaching, however after yesterday's Senate vote to approve the bill, anger began to flare up on Facebook.

ABC-7 posted a story on Facebook informing viewers of the bill's progress and that the Senate voted to pass it through.  However, what followed in terms of user's comments, was nothing short of ugly, nasty, and hateful.

To make it easier, let me show case a few of my favorite postings by individuals who find this historic event to be offensive towards their religious beliefs.  On a side note, I have removed the names of the individuals who have posted these horrible comments (many of them being teachers because I went to their personal pages), and have left their messages complete without any correction of spelling or grammar.

This country and this world is gonna burn 10 time over on judgment day

Jesus loves you as a salami hider? Not! He as some sizzling plans for you!

These people better not get Hepatitis C treatment paid for by taxpayers

The State is broke and supports illegals at 3.5 billion a year and now we tax payeers will have to pick up the tab for some same sick marriage benefits! Just great!

Eww. A sad day in America

I am so happy I left that dump of a state


Everything should be man and woman I mean come on its hust so they can get more votes for stupied stuff just like this and its funny how people say they were born that way Bull s,,t! the reason they become gay is because they cant please the other! grow up people!

and also gay couples should not be alowed to adopt KIDS!!!!!!! they have a high chance of being molestoded and then some they need to have values not whos mom and whos dad lol

Man and women have one true purpose in life to procreate and multiply. You're de-evolution leads to a dead end in evolutionary chain of humanity.

These hateful messages are just the beginning of the horrible remarks made on the ABC-7 posting about Gay marriage in Illinois.  While I understand that it's Facebook, everyone has the freedom of free speech, and that not everyone supports gay marriage; these comments made me walk away from the computer asking myself, "Where is all this anger and hate coming from and why is it ok to share on Facebook where kids and youth have access to it?".  One commented posted on gay marriage not being right because it is "forcing and jamming this lifestyle down kid's throats".  Well, I really don't think that kids are having anything jammed down their throat, except for the massive collection of hateful speech shared on this page.

My concern for the youth is enhanced by the fact that, as previously stated, majority of these hateful individuals are teachers who's responsibility is education for our future leaders.  If I had a child, I would honestly contact the school and share these comments to bring awareness of what their staff are spreading outside of the classroom.

Even though the internet and Facebook allows individuals from all backgrounds and beliefs to express themselves, one should still maintain a certain level of awareness especially if you are posting hateful speech while being a leader in the community.  That, in my perspective, is your social and moral duty.  Save the hatred for the privacy of your home, not in the open where your students can see this ugliness.



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