Gay marriage in Illinois 2013

The bill allowing gay marriage in Illinois 2013 (aka The Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act) just now passed in the Illinois senate with a vote of 34-21!

Today, Valentine's Day 2013, history was made in our state as we move one more step in our journey for equality.

Watching the live broadcast brought both tears of joy and massive headaches listening to the individuals that we chose to represent us in Springfield, IL.  It astounded me to hear some of the opponents speak of how this bill will change our school systems, confuse our children, and cause businesses to fail.  They spoke of our children having difficulty in school because "we are changing the definition of marriage which will result in children becoming lost and confused due to the new meaning".  Honestly, I think the only people who are confused are the ones who believe that to be true.

However, my heart was overjoyed listening to senators with intelligence speak of the sky NOT falling, that this bill continues the legacy of our state being progressive (due to the work of historic residents such as Jane Addams, Lincoln, etc.), and that this bill is simply based on respect for all individuals.

I laughed out loud when the idea of the church being the crux of society's moral fiber was questioned due to continued reports of child molestation, the lack of support for gay Catholics in Uganda potentially put to death for their sexuality, and how this bill should not pass because it offends the church's traditional ways.

If you are a religious person, more power to you, however it is really funny to think about opponents to this bill stating that we should listen to the church's view, but just forget about all the other problems.

Congratulations Illinois residents!  Now we just have to get this through the House of Representatives then to the desk of Gov. Ryan, who as already been clear and stated that he is ready to sign this the moment he receives the bill.

What a wonderful news on the day of love!

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