Animal abuse in China

I must forewarn you, this video contains imagery of animal (dog and cat) abuse in China. The video is not for the weak hearted, and I advise you to take a moment to ready yourself for violence that will be hard to remove from your mind.

Ever since I was a kid, I have known that other countries eat animals that might not seem appropriate, or bizarre  to others.  For instance consider the following...

Durian- A spiky fruit that is as large as a football with pulp that is yellow and resembles brains.  However, the smell of the fruit has been equated to gym socks and rotting flesh.

Lutefisk- Cod fish soaked in lye, a dish from Norway.

Casu Marzu- A sheep's milk cheese from Sardinia that is put outside with cheesecloth to attract flies.  The flies then come and lay their eggs, which once the maggots are hatched, they are spread on bread with the cheese and eaten.

Perhaps, two of the most famous on this list of bizarre foods are cats and dogs.  In case you didn't know, in some areas of Asia, cats and dogs are considered food and can be bought in small cramped cages from the market.  As a friend of mine said, after traveling China, "You can walk through the market place, pick the dog or cat you want to eat, and they will skin it alive then boil it for you."

While I am not by any means forcing my cultural background upon another culture through ethnocentrism  I do find it vile, evil, and disgusting how they treat the animals.

As humans, we are at the top of the food chain, and have the ability to eat almost anything we can kill.  However, it does not mean that we have to treat the animal in ways that involve skinning them alive then tossing them in boiling water.

The United States is not perfect, nor is any country with this behavior towards animals.  For years major food corporations and fast food companies have been covering up their horrible acts in the beef, pork and poultry industry.  If you want to see a wonderful movie about this, check out "Fast Food Nation".

I believe that we need to start standing up to corporations and countries by enforcing policies that respect the animal that is about to be consumed. It is our responsibility to bring awareness of this animal cruelty  and put a stop to it.

While this is a global fight, and one that is nearly impossible to win.  It is my hope that we take off our blinders and realize the evil we are delivering onto those without voices.

If you would like to help take a stand against this cruelity in China towards dogs and cats, I encourage you to visit the following site:

There you can sign an international petition to bring awareness of this and ask world leaders to start addressing such inhumane actions.



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