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Animal abuse in China

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I must forewarn you, this video contains imagery of animal (dog and cat) abuse in China. The video is not for the weak hearted, and I advise you to take a moment to ready yourself for violence that will be hard to remove from your mind. Ever since I was a kid, I have known that other countries eat... Read more »

Sexually transmitted infections: Incidence and prevalence rates for the US

This month (February 2013), the CDC published two analyses that display both the incidence and prevalence rates for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the United States. Before reviewing the core of the information, a few things need to be addressed about the data and its collection.  The data sets represent information that was collected for... Read more »

Cardinal Peter Turkson, best choice for pope?

Is Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana truly the best choice the Roman Catholic church has for the next pope? Let me begin by stating that I was raised Roman Catholic as a child.  If you have never been to such a church, get ready for a mass that is at least an hour long and... Read more »

Gay marriage in Illinois and hatred voiced on Facebook

Gay marriage in Illinois is quickly approaching, however after yesterday’s Senate vote to approve the bill, anger began to flare up on Facebook. ABC-7 posted a story on Facebook informing viewers of the bill’s progress and that the Senate voted to pass it through.  However, what followed in terms of user’s comments, was nothing short... Read more »

Gay marriage in Illinois 2013

The bill allowing gay marriage in Illinois 2013 (aka The Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act) just now passed in the Illinois senate with a vote of 34-21! Today, Valentine’s Day 2013, history was made in our state as we move one more step in our journey for equality. Watching the live broadcast brought both... Read more »

Oral sex and the risks of HIV and STIs

Oral sex and the associated risk for HIV and STIs is one of the most common topics in my line of work.  While the concept and action of oral sex is pretty easy (open wide and insert), it’s a little complicated to talk about the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection. Here’s what we... Read more »

Bullying needs to stop now!

Bullying needs to stop now, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to stand up and make a difference. Four weeks ago at Darby Township School in Pennsylvania  a 6th grade honors student, by the name of Baily O’Neil, was bullied and beaten up on the school playground by a fellow classmate.  According to reports from his parents and doctors, Baily... Read more »

Illinois Gay Marriage 2013

Illinois gay marriage is closer than ever to happen for the thousands of individuals in the state, including myself and partner. According to news sources, the marriage equality legislation was approved on Tuesday (Feb 5th 2013) by the Senate committee, which means that it not goes to a full Senate vote.  The fun part about this vote,... Read more »

Gov. Jindal and Louisiana plan to eliminate health benefits

Gov. Jindal and Louisiana are causing me to pop my anxiety medication. Let me begin by stating that I am always curious and concerned when our governmental representatives mention the words, “budget cuts”.  This anxiety is further enhanced when such representative follows with, “HIV”, “at risk children”, and “first time mothers”. In a day and... Read more »