California Anti Boy Scouts Bill

Due to recent events in California, I am starting to have a finer appreciation for “The Golden State”.  During the last couple of weeks, two major pieces of legislation have been voted upon which are helping to put an end towards LGBTQ discrimination and pissing off a few religious zealots.  Before going further, you know... Read more »

United Nations Free and Equal Campaign

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Here’s a great riddle for you to start your day… “What exists in every corner of the world – embraced and celebrated in some countries but is illegal in 76? What is hidden for fear of public shame, imprisonment, torture or even the death penalty in 7 countries? What tears families apart? What makes people... Read more »

15 Steps for correct condom use

Some friends of mine over at Indiana University (home of the Kinsey Institute) recently put out research based on correct condom use and statistics from men and women admitting to the following errors.  Before we go into the common errors in condom use, let me state that condoms are (when used properly and correctly) one... Read more »

North Carolina STD Testing Bill

Well…North Carolina is at it again… Just recently, the state’s committee (of course Republican controlled) approved a bill that mandates teenagers to have a notarized parental consent to receive STD testing/treatment, pregnancy care, mental health services, and/or substance abuse treatment.  Pretty fucked up huh?  What makes it worse is that those youth who do not... Read more »

Greece HIV Testing Law

Recently, I have decided to add Greece into the list of countries that I have lost respect for due to their draconian laws and medieval attitudes about sexuality and/or HIV.  The above photo is one of the Health Minister of Greece (Adonis Georgladis) who has instituted a Greece HIV testing law that takes the country... Read more »

Ride for AIDS Chicago

Taking a moment to relax at Lamb's Farm which is the 25 mile mark.
If you haven’t heard about it, the Ride for AIDS Chicago is a 200 mile bike ride held over 2 days that raises money and awareness for individuals living with HIV/AIDS.  This charity event is held every year in the month of July and just celebrated its 10th anniversary!  Besides the multitude of reasons for... Read more »

Kidnapped for Christ

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The above video comes from Kidnapped for Christ, which is a new documentary that follows the story of David (and others) who is sent to Escuela Caribe in May of 2006. Escuela Caribe is in the Dominican Republic and operates as an Evangelical Christian reform school.  The “school” is run by Americans whose mission is... Read more »

Russian gay ban

Yesterday, June 29th, also the day of the Chicago Gay Pride Parade 2013, the Russian President (Vladimir Putin) signed a law (I’m referring to it as a Russian gay ban) that is changing the path of human rights and the progress we have made as a species on this planet. According to the new law,... Read more »

DOMA (defense of marriage act) struck down by Supreme Court

With a mighty bitch slap of equality…the United States Supreme Court ruled this morning that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!! DOMA was initially signed by President Clinton in 1996 which prevented gay marriage rights on a federal level.  Say for instance my amazing hubby Edward and I got married in Illinois (which... Read more »

Colorado allows transgender student to use bathroom

This is Coy Mathis, a 6 year old transgender student at Eagleside Elementary School in Fountain, Colorado.  It was last year when Coy came to her parents and explain that she did not want to wear jeans any more, started wearing dresses and tutus, and even asked her parents when they can have the doctor... Read more »