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Want to improve your skill set?

As I’ve previously noted, since I’ve been writing The Job Stalker and featuring my book reviews in here, I’ve been on the receiving end of the occasional review copy of “business” books.  Some of these I never get around to (I believe I’ve mentioned that “business” reading is not one of my favored genres), and... Read more »

The value of a word ...

I recently read a blog entry that made me think.  A lot. It is, on its surface, about journalists, so is, perhaps fairly “narrow focus” for this vehicle, but it brought up so many other issues about the current value of work, that I decided that I’d do a The Job Stalker entry about it,... Read more »

Coworking for the unemployed

I first heard about coworking in the “Cheap Bastard’s Guide to Chicago” and pretty much thought it was the coolest concept ever discovered. For those of you who haven’t heard about this enlightened idea, check out the Chicago Tribune’s September 2008 article “Coworking sites cater to the lonely self-employed” The idea is to take the independently... Read more »