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Through A Glass Door (Dot Com) Brightly

Through A Glass Door (Dot Com) Brightly
Occasionally, there will be a unique confluence of events – things happen which seem a little too convenient to be coincidental, but not enough to seem forced. So when I discovered Glassdoor just a few weeks before being asked to write about it by a blogging pal of mine… just seemed natural for me to... Read more »

More reading than I expected ... / CC BY 2.0 Well, last week I noted that, with my taking on a 40-hour-a-week Census clerk gig, I thought it was very likely that my “Twitter reading” was going to suffer.  While I have missed numerous hours out of the 24/7 clock which was my previous habit, I’ve been surprised to see... Read more »

The more things change ...

Well, in this case, they’re probably not going to be staying the same.  This Friday “data dump” is either likely to be much more limited, or be on an alternate-week basis.  Why? Well, I sort of have a job … “sort of” in that, had this been presented to me as a salaried position at... Read more »

More reading: a baker's dozen links ... / CC BY 2.0 Odd how this week went … as previously reported, I had all my networking events stacked up in one 27 hour period this week … and, as far as came across my radar, there weren’t other events that I was missing (at least, other free or nearly free events …... Read more »

Research, research, and more research ...

Sorry for this missing its usual Friday slot, but my day totally got away from me, and I eventually found myself asleep at the keyboard at 4am!  I’m sure nobody reading this really cares about the details, but I’m still dealing with computer issues, and have been also dealing with an exploding Twitter list, and... Read more »

A web home ...

I had planned on passing along this “tip” to you yesterday, as a follow-up to my post about creating networking cards, but my networking schedule got the better of me.  I’d gone off to an afternoon event being hosted by ChicagoNow’s own The Local Tourist, launching the “Writing the Rails” tour, and had some very... Read more »