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Where is all this going wrong?

Went to the Social Media Club of Chicago’s monthly event last night, which was great … saw a lot of folks I know, listened to an interesting speaker (and got a copy of her new book), and generally had a productive, albeit “unfocused” networking event.  But, what was the one thing that stuck with me? ... Read more »

Some "superific" networking ...

It’s been a while (I think) since I’ve updated what I’ve been doing in terms of networking, perhaps due to being somewhat abashed at my networking vs. what’s being recommended in the various books I’ve covered here.  I guess if I was one of those guys with a defined career path from which I could... Read more »

Live from Detroit ... OK, so I’m writing this (live) in Detroit (at the 140 Character Conference), but by the time you’re reading this, it will have been edited, linked, and uploaded, so it’s not so much “live blogging” as, well, something else.  You may recall that I’d been off at a TweetUp when Jeff Pulver came through... Read more »

So many things, so little time ... Wow, it’s Friday again?  These weeks just blow by anymore.  Aside from the obvious things (paychecks, self respect, restaurant lunches) I miss from having a job, there’s the structure to the day.  The hours when one sleeps, the time one gets up, the getting to work, the time one is expected to be productive,... Read more »

Networking, links, and some warnings ... The past couple of weeks have been a bit thin on the networking front … it seems like a lot of groups tend to shift their schedules around to avoid the holidays, but this then starts to stack things up afterwards … next week, for example, has pretty much 3 events each night! I... Read more »

The week, recapped ... – What?  No Wednesday post?  Sorry about that … this week was a bit of a blender for me.  I actually had most of what’s coming in this post (well, except for the links, of course) ready to roll on Monday, because it was touch-and-go if I was going to have that “Author... Read more »

Sometimes the reading burns ...

Wow … can’t tell at all how these are going to go.  After two weeks with “extras”, I needed them this week.  In fact, I was still surfing around this afternoon hoping to find a few more links that I felt like passing along. One that didn’t make the list really pissed me off.  It... Read more »

A beautiful day in the neighborhood ...

As anybody who has been reading The Job Stalker blog over the past half year or so will know, I have been relying predominantly on Twitter in my current job search, for job leads, information on networking events, keeping up with contacts made at networking events, and for those story links that I share in... Read more »

From deep amid the chaos ...

I suppose that  I should have long since given up on trying to figure out why one week there will be a ton of good links early, some weeks they show up at the last minute, etc., except that we’re hard-wired to seek out patterns, since it’s almost always a surprise.  After almost not doing... Read more »

Where to go, what to read ...

It’s been a couple of rough weeks around chez Job Stalker … having gone from the excitement of  several phone interviews in a row (“They like me!!!”) to deafening silence for weeks at a time.  I got totally blind-sided on one of them, where the recruiter had told me that he was only doing phone... Read more »