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How "remarkable" are you?

Yes, this week I’m bringing your attention to another book which is not specifically about the job search.  This is Seth Godin’s Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable, a book (which you could guess from the subtitle) about shifting the way business does business.  I have, as you know, made the case that... Read more »

Another book you should read ...

Yes, we have another “Book Feature” this week, which is usually a good sign that the book in question is not close enough to the job search for me to reach out to get an “Author Interview” to accompany it.  It’s also pretty likely that, if I’m featuring a book, I’ve found in it something... Read more »

I've been somewhat distracted ... I’ve been worried about this for several weeks, but here it is … a “thin” week for links!  Not only is one of these the piece by Seth Godin that was featured on Monday, but there’s just a dozen over-all.  Of course, I have “an excuse” of having a lot of my attention taken... Read more »

Guest Post: Seth Godin ...

Another week without a proper “book feature” … sorry about that!  As I’ve noted, of the 72+ non-fiction books that I read each year, “job search” titles have tended to be a vanishingly small element, although in the course of writing The Job Stalker this has certainly increased.  I am, frankly, in the middle of... Read more »

Marketing ideas which you could use ...

Yes, once again this isn’t a book about the job search, except that it’s a book dealing with stuff that’s pretty central to my job search, so that line’s going to blur some from where I’m sitting. However, if I didn’t think this had anything that was generally applicable to The Job Stalker readers, I... Read more »

Something old, something new ...

I really do try to keep as much as possible in The Job Stalker focused on the Job Search (or, as I’ve noted previously, at least on things germane to my job search, since that’s what I’m dealing with on a 24/7 level!), but every now and again I have things come up which I... Read more »