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Beware the "scam" networking events ... I’m usually a great advocate for getting out and doing networking events in almost any context other than those “room full of unemployed people” functions (which are always depressing and rarely prove to be anything other than useless), however I got suckered into something last night that “is going to leave scars”.  This was... Read more »

Where to go, what to read ...

It’s been a couple of rough weeks around chez Job Stalker … having gone from the excitement of  several phone interviews in a row (“They like me!!!”) to deafening silence for weeks at a time.  I got totally blind-sided on one of them, where the recruiter had told me that he was only doing phone... Read more »

Doing battle with the baddies ...

Well, if last week was a networking whirlwind, this week made up for it, with my making it out to just one “official” networking event (I did hit a couple of other things where cards were exchanged, but that was sort of by accident).  Next week is back to having to choose between three events... Read more »

On-Line Robbery ... / CC BY 2.0 Hey, The Job Stalker readers … hope your job search is going better than mine has been.  I knew that when I took on this assignment it would have its ups and downs, after all, it is predicated on the basis that its writer is both unemployed and looking for... Read more »

Holding job listings hostage ...

I’ve waited a while to address this issue, although do I mention it in my about section here.  As regular readers of this space know, I do a vast amount on online research for job opportunities, and I am primarily looking for executive positions.  This puts me on a collision course with various sites out... Read more »

An Open Letter to the Fruit Company That Ruined Breakfast

Usually when people are unemployed for months at a time, they start to dream up get-rich-quick schemes. Hence, the alarming success of Nigerian presidents ready to wire money to your checking account TODAY.  The thing is – I’m the only person alive who seems to come up with get-rich-slowly schemes. It started in high school when... Read more »