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Things you should have read ... OK, so maybe “should have read” ought to be “might want to read”, after all, few people plow through so much on-line content as I do in a week (yes, primarily to have stuff to pass along to you here, although, obviously, it’s useful to me as well), but these are things that came... Read more »

From a book, about some books ...

OK, so this is the sort of irritation I don’t need on top of … well, all the stress involved in being in a seemingly unending job search!  Grrrrr.  As regular readers of this space know, I try to bring you some sort of a book review (preferably with a little author interview) on Mondays. ... Read more »

Miscellania ... / CC BY-SA 2.0 So, this is where I’d “typically” have a book review and author interview feature, and had been expecting to have a particular book featured here both of the past two Mondays.  As noted, I’d been dealing with the Author’s “people” previously and had hit a point of no response from... Read more »