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Closing Those Resume Gaps

Closing Those Resume Gaps
Recently, I had the opportunity to ask several of my fellow Chicago Now bloggers for ideas about what to write about. Granted, being a job seeker/freelance-between-gigs kind of person who only posts here once a week, you would think┬áthat thinking up a topic would come easy….but alas, it hasn’t. (It also would have been helpful... Read more »

Digging Into a Winter Job Search

Digging Into a Winter Job Search
Yes, as the seasons change, and that familiar chill fills the air, there’s one thought that often makes its way in many a job stalker’s mind (including, well, mine): “Gee, since the weather’s getting colder, how do I plan to keep job seeking when it’s not that nice outside” (Yes, I’m well aware that I’m... Read more »

A day late ...

So … came this || close to there not being a “data dump” this week, and, as it is, this is pushing past a day beyond when I’d usually be passing along the week’s “best of” to you.  Why? Well, because the week was crazy (even beyond the insanity inherent in the 3rd shift schedule),... Read more »

I wish I was passing this on ...

The post earlier this week was my 60th entry as The Job Stalker, and when I signed up for this gig I never anticipated that I’d be still out of work at this point!  As I’ve noted, things have been up and down, with periods of a lot of hope (and interviews) and periods where... Read more »

Well, THAT was interesting ... / CC BY 2.0 So, things have been somewhat chaotic around The Job Stalker household, not least driven by the psychological blows that the three very promising interview situations of a couple of months ago all falling away one by one, and the ugly realities of the financial abyss relentlessly pressing in, have delivered. ... Read more »

Delving deeper ...

Doing something a little bit different today … I had three URLs that I was considering for the weekly “link dump”, but each was a resource for a particular area rather than an article or blog post, and I figured: why not feature them together. / CC BY 2.0 Now, one caveat before we... Read more »

A web home ...

I had planned on passing along this “tip” to you yesterday, as a follow-up to my post about creating networking cards, but my networking schedule got the better of me.  I’d gone off to an afternoon event being hosted by ChicagoNow’s own The Local Tourist, launching the “Writing the Rails” tour, and had some very... Read more »

Looking for a job is a full-time job (Part 3: Networking!)

Networking: Free cheese and crackers, booze and interesting people. A lot of people hear the word “networking” and squish up their faces like they’re avoiding a root canal, but I’m not one of them. Call me a believer. But I actually think networking is one of the ONLY fun things about looking for a job,... Read more »