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Getting Recruited

Getting Recruited
Last week, something wonderful and remarkable happened, something which brought a great warmth to my heart, and made me feel it was Christmas three weeks early. Two – count ’em – two recruiters called me with potential positions, and one even scheduled an in-office interview. Now, admittedly, I’ve been attempting to balance the search for... Read more »

Intoducing Gordon Dymowski ...

     First, allow me to introduce myself – my name is Gordon Dymowski, and I am the new  “co-Job Stalker”.  As far as my background, well, that’s quite a tale …     Professionally, I have always straddled two different fields – perhaps it comes from having a computer-oriented mother and an attorney father. When going to... Read more »

I got nuthin' ...

Wow.  Sorry about this.  No book feature on Monday … no job industry interview on Wednesday (I was supposed to have one of the latter, but, hey, “excretion occurs”). To tell you the truth, I could fill up this blog on a daily basis with doubt, fear, angst, whining, and random freak-outs, but I’m assuming... Read more »

Well, THAT was interesting ... / CC BY 2.0 So, things have been somewhat chaotic around The Job Stalker household, not least driven by the psychological blows that the three very promising interview situations of a couple of months ago all falling away one by one, and the ugly realities of the financial abyss relentlessly pressing in, have delivered. ... Read more »

Delving deeper ...

Doing something a little bit different today … I had three URLs that I was considering for the weekly “link dump”, but each was a resource for a particular area rather than an article or blog post, and I figured: why not feature them together. / CC BY 2.0 Now, one caveat before we... Read more »