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Doing battle with the baddies ...

Well, if last week was a networking whirlwind, this week made up for it, with my making it out to just one “official” networking event (I did hit a couple of other things where cards were exchanged, but that was sort of by accident).  Next week is back to having to choose between three events... Read more »

On-Line Robbery ...

http://www.flickr.com/photos/dubswede/ / CC BY 2.0 Hey, The Job Stalker readers … hope your job search is going better than mine has been.  I knew that when I took on this assignment it would have its ups and downs, after all, it is predicated on the basis that its writer is both unemployed and looking for... Read more »

Holding job listings hostage ...

I’ve waited a while to address this issue, although do I mention it in my about section here.  As regular readers of this space know, I do a vast amount on online research for job opportunities, and I am primarily looking for executive positions.  This puts me on a collision course with various sites out... Read more »

'Evil' Job Boards?

My favorite misery to strike the unemployed in recent years: the pay-to-search job board. It reminds me a lot of that ginormous sixth-grader that agreed not to pummel me if I gave her my Doritos and a “toll” at recess.T Since I’m looking for jobs in public relations, a LinkedIn connection thoughtfully offered up PRCrossing, a for-pay search agent that,... Read more »