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So frustrating ... I had a small editing assignment, a proof-read and punch-up of a web site, which filled up 3 hours of my day today.  It was so refreshing.  I’ve been spending pretty much all day, every day, for eighteen months now flogging the job search, and I am, frankly, sick of it.  So, it was... Read more »

Curiouser and curiouser ...

I don’t know about you, but I’m somewhat scrambled from the flip-flop this weekend, when Friday had the “book feature” (as part of Blog Action Day) and today I’ve got the carry-over of what would have been your weekend links!  It’s probably nothing to you (well, except that you don’t have all weekend to leisurely... Read more »

The week, and some reading for you ...

This was a bit different week, I only had two networking events, and they were both “new” to me (as opposed to the various recurring Meet-Ups and organizational get-togethers that I attend on a regular basis).  The first was Amy Guth‘s “Reading Under The Influence” which was interesting, and a different bunch of people, but... Read more »

Things you should have read ... OK, so maybe “should have read” ought to be “might want to read”, after all, few people plow through so much on-line content as I do in a week (yes, primarily to have stuff to pass along to you here, although, obviously, it’s useful to me as well), but these are things that came... Read more »

Where to go, what to read ...

It’s been a couple of rough weeks around chez Job Stalker … having gone from the excitement of  several phone interviews in a row (“They like me!!!”) to deafening silence for weeks at a time.  I got totally blind-sided on one of them, where the recruiter had told me that he was only doing phone... Read more »

Some more personal hints ... / CC BY-SA 2.0 OK, so, to be perfectly honest with you, I wasn’t going to share one of these … no, I was going to hoard it as my own personal “secret trick”; but at the Social Media Club event last week I was grilled on how I got my name tag to... Read more »

Miscellania ... / CC BY-SA 2.0 So, this is where I’d “typically” have a book review and author interview feature, and had been expecting to have a particular book featured here both of the past two Mondays.  As noted, I’d been dealing with the Author’s “people” previously and had hit a point of no response from... Read more »

Links for your weekend ...

Sorry to have not posted much this week.  I’ve been trying to put together something on using LinkedIn for the job search, but my own personal use of LinkedIn is more of an adjunct to my networking, so I’ve not quite gotten to the point of being able to make substantial suggestions for how to... Read more »