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More tales from the networking world ...

Well, I didn’t have any “industry” profile this week, no “guest post”, nor other handy thing lined up to bring to you today, so I guess you’re stuck with my regaling you about my latest networking adventures.  As regular readers will recall, I try to get out to 2-4 events a week, but haven’t been... Read more »

Some "superific" networking ...

It’s been a while (I think) since I’ve updated what I’ve been doing in terms of networking, perhaps due to being somewhat abashed at my networking vs. what’s being recommended in the various books I’ve covered here.  I guess if I was one of those guys with a defined career path from which I could... Read more »

Networking and research ... Well, I got back on the Networking horse this week, with two fairly interesting events.  Neither of these were “home runs” for my job search, but they at least got me out into public again.  Frankly, on Wednesday night I had a choice of three events that seemed on-target to choose from.  As I’ve... Read more »