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Guest post: Harvey Mackay ...

I get a handful of job-search and related newsletters in my mailbox each week, and every once in a while I see something that I feel is worth going back to the author and asking if I can re-use it for The Job Stalker.  This was one of those times, and Mr. Harvey Mackay was... Read more »

Twitter in the job search ...

This week’s book should have been a “home run” for inclusion in The Job Stalker, after all (as regular readers know), I have been focusing most of my job-search efforts within the Twittersphere, and here’s a book specifically dealing with using Twitter in one’s job search.  Perfect, right? Well, one would think so … however,... Read more »

Ah, rejection!

Sara Shiffman, a Chicagoan who has been looking for jobs in public relations for eight months, will be guest blogging occassionally on The Job Stalker about her quest to find a job in Chicago. If you like her, give the girl some props. Or better yet, a job. Ah, rejection; the oh-so bitter, constant companion of the... Read more »