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The Tipping Point of Bacon

The Tipping Point of Bacon
Awhile ago, I posted an an entry on another blog focusing on Google’s new Bacon Number algorithm in the context of LinkedIn’s new board-focused search feature. But for many of us seeking employment, we tend to hear certain buzzwords a little too┬árepeatedly….and inaccurately. We all know people who’ve used them – words like “maven” and... Read more »

Some things to be grateful for ...

The other day I was filling out a form asking some odd things, including “tips” for those in job transition, and what came to mind were things that I was grateful to have in what has becoming a very long period between jobs.  When I was thinking of stuff to put in here mid-week (still... Read more »

More reading than I expected ... / CC BY 2.0 Well, last week I noted that, with my taking on a 40-hour-a-week Census clerk gig, I thought it was very likely that my “Twitter reading” was going to suffer.  While I have missed numerous hours out of the 24/7 clock which was my previous habit, I’ve been surprised to see... Read more »

Where to go, what to read ...

It’s been a couple of rough weeks around chez Job Stalker … having gone from the excitement of  several phone interviews in a row (“They like me!!!”) to deafening silence for weeks at a time.  I got totally blind-sided on one of them, where the recruiter had told me that he was only doing phone... Read more »

Doing battle with the baddies ...

Well, if last week was a networking whirlwind, this week made up for it, with my making it out to just one “official” networking event (I did hit a couple of other things where cards were exchanged, but that was sort of by accident).  Next week is back to having to choose between three events... Read more »

Reading & Networking ... / CC BY 2.0 The past couple of weeks have offered pretty solid networking opportunities, with many events available.  As I’ve noted, I try to hit at least 2 events per week, and try to do no more than 4 (exhaustion sets in eventually!), and here in Chicago (at least in my niche) that’s... Read more »