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LIVE: From the Career Fair

Below is the culmination of live posts from a day job hunting at the Chicago Tribune Career Fair at Soldier Field. Most recent posts are on top.  All told, I gave out four of the ten resumes I brought with me. I’m used to only imagining my competition as I write out yet another cover... Read more »

Resume advice for professional eaters

Great resume advice this morning on WGN-AM Radio from ResuMAYDAY’s Lauren Milligan. She answered a lot of my questions about the “objective,” which I’ve taken to leaving off my resume altogether because, as she explains, no matter what you write, you’ll sound like you are an utterly boring and sad individual. That blueberry pie eating contest from 2004. Employers,... Read more »

Have you heard? The Library's free!

Harold Washington LIbrary. Photo/Wiki Commons Maybe it’s because I’m new to Chicago, but I can’t believe how fantastic the libraries are here, especially for job seekers. Check out the career-related programs just for next week: Sept. 8 at 6 p.m. they’re offering a course in basic mouse and keyboard skills (free)   Sept. 9 at 2... Read more »

10 Reasons Why It's Awesome To Be Unemployed

Photo by Eliot Phillips 1. When making small talk at the salon, your answer to the “And what do you do?” question causes the person cutting your hair to panic that they are about to be robbed with their own scissors. 2. You really can’t spare any change. 3. Magic credit card fairies tuck money under your pillow... Read more »

Looking for a job is a full-time job (Part 3: Networking!)

Networking: Free cheese and crackers, booze and interesting people. A lot of people hear the word “networking” and squish up their faces like they’re avoiding a root canal, but I’m not one of them. Call me a believer. But I actually think networking is one of the ONLY fun things about looking for a job,... Read more »

Looking for a job is full-time job (Part 1: Getting Started)

Pied Tamarins are just one distraction that can destroy a job search. Photo/Wiki Commons If looking for a job really is a full-time job – this week, I should have gotten canned.  Here’s what I accomplished: spent most of my cash betting on horses and drinking beer at Arlington Park, took in Blackout’s hilarious Thursday... Read more »

Your Help Wanted

Dear Unemployed of Chicago, I wish to use this blog space for good instead of evil. If you’re reading this entry, please choose from the following options: A. I’d like to feature the occasional job seeker (that’s you) on this blog. Just because I haven’t found a job doesn’t mean I can’t help you out.... Read more »