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Guest post: Ford R. Myers

I’m hoping to have another book to feature in here next week, but I figured I’d pass along something from one of the authors we’ve interviewed previously, Ford R. Myers.  This is a recent piece that he sent out and I thought it was well worth your time.  You’re going to have another “guest post”... Read more »

Guest post: Ford R. Myers (again)

So, I had two other things that I thought I was going to be able to feature in today’s post, but both of them fell by the wayside as the day progressed.  Fortunately, my in-box had another interesting feature from a previous guest, and I figured this would work for today. I know I’ve not... Read more »

Guest Post: Ford R. Myers ...

Again, I’m just getting enough time freed up to get back into writing The Job Stalker, and I’ve not had a chance to “get stuff in the hopper” such as interviews, etc. However, the following piece came in to my e-mail this week, and as I’ve used Ford Myers’ materials in a “guest post” in... Read more »

Guest Post: Ford R. Myers ...

We’re trying something a bit different today, instead of a “job industry profile” on Wednesday, I contacted one of the authors previously featured in The Job Stalker, Ford R. Myers of Career Potential, about providing a guest post.  The idea came from an e-mail notice (I do subscribe to the newsletters of several of the... Read more »

Saving you a ton of money ...

As regular readers know, one of the reasons that I ended up getting The Job Stalker gig here when Julie Wernau got hired by the Tribune was that I had been in three major job searches over the past 10 years or so, and that I’d used various sorts of strategies over those efforts.  While... Read more »