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Links and musings ...

Well, I’m afraid I’m going to subject you all to another round of navel-gazing, as I don’t have anything substantive (well, except for the links below … it is Friday, after all) framed up for this post.  As folks know, I’ve had a lot of consulting/freelance work come through over the past few months, and... Read more »

Insert SEO-friendly title here ...

OK, so I’m being cranky.  However, it does bug me that most of the searches that find this blog end up pulling up pieces that the previous Job Stalker wrote, nearly two years ago!  We get a daily report on these, so I see what search terms are getting people in here, but do you... Read more »

It's Friday, no foolin' ...

Wow, it’s Friday again, huh?  I have to admit that, aside from the worry, lack of cash, and despair that’s still hovering around me, my days look a lot more like they’re being occupied by a “freelancer” than a “job seeker”, as one of the projects I’ve been working on (the one that’s paying me),... Read more »

This one really got to me ... I’ve got to admit that some times these Friday “link dump” posts are somewhat “mailed in”, not that they’re not a massive amount of work (80% of my Twitter reading is split between looking for job leads and looking for good pieces about the Job Search to bring you), but once the links are... Read more »

A bit more personal than usual ... Well, I’m supposed to hear today whether I’m the choice (out of three “finalists”) for this Marketing Communications job that I’ve been in the interview process on over the past few weeks.  As regular readers of this space know, I’ve been out of work a LONG time, and I’m “on pins and needles” waiting... Read more »

Another load o'links ... Ah, it’s SO nice to have my old/good computer back … I’ve been amazed at how much faster stuff as basic as doing my Twitter reading is with that much better a system!  Why does this matter to you?  Well, it’s made my Twittering that much more efficient, and I had a full load... Read more »

Another week, another month ... OK, it’s Friday … and I’ve got a bunch of good links for you today.  As I noted last week, my “old/good” computer semi-miraculously is back from the dead, and this is making my days FAR more efficient (grabbing Twitter is at least twice as fast, for example, and even reading it is quicker... Read more »

Out of sequence, out of town ... I thought I had a really great post lined up for this Wednesday.  One of the resources that I follow on Twitter had been “teasing” about a new e-book that was just chock-full of job search info, with a number of guest authors, and was going to be coming out yesterday.  I don’t know... Read more »

The week, recapped ... – What?  No Wednesday post?  Sorry about that … this week was a bit of a blender for me.  I actually had most of what’s coming in this post (well, except for the links, of course) ready to roll on Monday, because it was touch-and-go if I was going to have that “Author... Read more »

Another crazy week, another bunch of links ... You would think, that with all the resumes I get out, and all the networking that I do, that somebody out there would have hired me by now.  Chicago Now just celebrated its 1-year anniversary, and I took over this blog in mid-November last year, so I’ve been doing this for 9 months now... Read more »