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Uh ... hello?

Yes, it does seem like I’ve fallen off the edge of the planet. I realize that. However, that freelance project that I mentioned on Friday has been eating up all my hours (I’ve been cranking out graphics about 12 hours a day this past week), and I’ve not been able to do anything to get... Read more »

These are dark days ... I do try to keep this about “the job search” rather than my job search, but I’m now 14 months into “pounding the pavement”, and sometimes that feels like a total waste.  I got a one-two punch over the past couple of days, hearing back from that recruiter (who was so sure that my... Read more »

Jobs? What Jobs?

I tell ya, “the job search ain’t for sissies!” that’s for sure.  Just this week I saw a Tweet from the previous holder of this blogging assignment, where she was pointing to an article: “Illinois unemployment soars to 12.2% in January” – which details how the current State unemployment rate was the highest in 27... Read more »

Gratitude - sometimes the hardest attitude ...

Ho, ho, ho, and all that.  Being out of work and broke is never fun, but it especially weighs on one during The Holidays.  As a Father (and supposed “bread winner”), it’s particularly hard to avoid feelings that one is a failure, and “destroying the kids’ lives” by one’s inability to land a job.  If... Read more »