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The Joys of Co-Working

The Joys of Co-Working
Sometimes, being in a freelance state of mind definitely has its benefits. Awhile ago, I received an e-mail from a pal who is seeking work after being a stay-at-home-dad. He had suggested a small group of us who were seeking work in unique niches pool our resources – that way, we could share leads, network... Read more »

Looking for a job is a full-time job (Part 3: Networking!)

Networking: Free cheese and crackers, booze and interesting people. A lot of people hear the word “networking” and squish up their faces like they’re avoiding a root canal, but I’m not one of them. Call me a believer. But I actually think networking is one of the ONLY fun things about looking for a job,... Read more »

Looking for a job is full-time job (Part 1: Getting Started)

Pied Tamarins are just one distraction that can destroy a job search. Photo/Wiki Commons If looking for a job really is a full-time job – this week, I should have gotten canned.  Here’s what I accomplished: spent most of my cash betting on horses and drinking beer at Arlington Park, took in Blackout’s hilarious Thursday... Read more »

Coworking for the unemployed

I first heard about coworking in the “Cheap Bastard’s Guide to Chicago” and pretty much thought it was the coolest concept ever discovered. For those of you who haven’t heard about this enlightened idea, check out the Chicago Tribune’s September 2008 article “Coworking sites cater to the lonely self-employed” The idea is to take the independently... Read more »