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Taking delivery of a clue ...

I feel bad that I’ve not had more “job search” books to bring you here, but the stream of unsolicited review copies that had been keeping the Monday slot of The Job Stalker stocked for many months has dried up to a large extent, and so you’re left hanging for what I voluntarily get read... Read more »

Want to improve your skill set?

As I’ve previously noted, since I’ve been writing The Job Stalker and featuring my book reviews in here, I’ve been on the receiving end of the occasional review copy of “business” books.  Some of these I never get around to (I believe I’ve mentioned that “business” reading is not one of my favored genres), and... Read more »

Are "job fairs" totally useless? Hey, once again I don’t have something “exciting” for you for this mid-week missive … sorry about that!  I’ve been, frankly, surprised at the reluctance of some folks in the “job industry” to have a profile in here.  One would think they’d be all over that, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. ... Read more »