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I'm just a guy who needs a job ... Been having some struggles over this blog.  On one hand, I really do feel bad if I’m not getting up 2-3 posts a week in here, but I also feel that nobody wants to read me blithering about random stuff.  One of the reasons I’ve set up “regular features” is to have something to... Read more »

These are dark days ... I do try to keep this about “the job search” rather than my job search, but I’m now 14 months into “pounding the pavement”, and sometimes that feels like a total waste.  I got a one-two punch over the past couple of days, hearing back from that recruiter (who was so sure that my... Read more »

I got nuthin' ...

Wow.  Sorry about this.  No book feature on Monday … no job industry interview on Wednesday (I was supposed to have one of the latter, but, hey, “excretion occurs”). To tell you the truth, I could fill up this blog on a daily basis with doubt, fear, angst, whining, and random freak-outs, but I’m assuming... Read more »

The best-laid schemes ...

So the Burns fans out there won’t burst with anticipation, “gang aft agley” might have made a better title, but figured the first part was a more familiar route for indicating the flow of this week. Once again, I’m looking at a fairly thin week in terms of number of articles to pass along here,... Read more »

Some weeks it pours ...

This week had no good reason for having a full bunch of links to pass along to you, given the limited amount of time that I was able to interface with Twitter, but there was, especially in the early part of the week, quite the torrent of interesting job pieces, so I was up to... Read more »

From deep amid the chaos ...

I suppose that  I should have long since given up on trying to figure out why one week there will be a ton of good links early, some weeks they show up at the last minute, etc., except that we’re hard-wired to seek out patterns, since it’s almost always a surprise.  After almost not doing... Read more »

A day late ...

So … came this || close to there not being a “data dump” this week, and, as it is, this is pushing past a day beyond when I’d usually be passing along the week’s “best of” to you.  Why? Well, because the week was crazy (even beyond the insanity inherent in the 3rd shift schedule),... Read more »

More reading than I expected ... / CC BY 2.0 Well, last week I noted that, with my taking on a 40-hour-a-week Census clerk gig, I thought it was very likely that my “Twitter reading” was going to suffer.  While I have missed numerous hours out of the 24/7 clock which was my previous habit, I’ve been surprised to see... Read more »

When a job isn't a "job" ... / CC BY-SA 2.0 / CC BY 2.0 The question has come up (not from Chicago Now, fortunately) about whether I’m still “qualified” to be The Job Stalker in light of my 40-hours/week gig with the Census.   I’ve had some confusion on the subject as well … and figure that since I’m still... Read more »

The more things change ...

Well, in this case, they’re probably not going to be staying the same.  This Friday “data dump” is either likely to be much more limited, or be on an alternate-week basis.  Why? Well, I sort of have a job … “sort of” in that, had this been presented to me as a salaried position at... Read more »