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Parties are networking events too! / CC BY-SA 2.0 I, for one, have been having some very busy weeks … there are networking events on top of networking events (sometimes literally – last Thursday I was “triple booked”, with three functions that I really wanted to attend all at the same time, each within a few blocks of each... Read more »

A web home ...

I had planned on passing along this “tip” to you yesterday, as a follow-up to my post about creating networking cards, but my networking schedule got the better of me.  I’d gone off to an afternoon event being hosted by ChicagoNow’s own The Local Tourist, launching the “Writing the Rails” tour, and had some very... Read more »

An important networking tool ...

In the course of my various job searches over the past decade, I’d spent a goodly amount of time and money working with “career management” groups which never quite seemed to manage getting me placed in a job.  However, I did pick up a couple of very useful tools from these folks, and will be... Read more »