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Links for the week ...

Another busy week, although I don’t quite have as many links for you as usual (things that might have ended up in this list have been, as you may have noticed, being spun off into their own posts!).  I had a couple of very interesting networking events, a meeting of the Evanston Chamber of Commerce... Read more »

Delving deeper ...

Doing something a little bit different today … I had three URLs that I was considering for the weekly “link dump”, but each was a resource for a particular area rather than an article or blog post, and I figured: why not feature them together. / CC BY 2.0 Now, one caveat before we... Read more »

Miscellania ... / CC BY-SA 2.0 So, this is where I’d “typically” have a book review and author interview feature, and had been expecting to have a particular book featured here both of the past two Mondays.  As noted, I’d been dealing with the Author’s “people” previously and had hit a point of no response from... Read more »