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Building A "Big Enough" Company (or Job Search)

Building A "Big Enough" Company (or Job Search)
(Note – in the interest of full disclosure, I received a complimentary copy for attending a seminar put on by the authors. A special thanks to Mark J. Carter for inviting me). In the past (before I had the ability to post directly), I had written about how as job seekers, we’re automatically entrepreneurs. We’re... Read more »

A book you may find very helpful ...

I realize that, in the interest of having some books featured in here, from time to time I’ve put in books which are not particularly pertinent to the job search per se (although they may have bearing on my job search), so I’m always happy to bring you something that does has direct bearing on... Read more »

Have it your way ...

This week we’re taking a look at Mark Jeffries’ The Art of Business Seduction: A 30-Day Plan to Get Noticed, Get Promoted, and Get Ahead  … usually I have a problem with those long title/subtitle combinations, but in this case it certainly helps (as “The Art of Business Seduction” by itself just brings up the... Read more »

Being fired; going viral ...

So, another Monday with another “book feature” … which the observant of you will have noticed is the new title over in the graphic <=== there.  I got so frustrated in trying to line up interviews (even the mini “softball” interviews that I was running here) with authors that I figured that I should just... Read more »