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Well, isn't that nice ...

While I’m not a “jobs pro”, just another guy “in the trenches” of a job-search war within a really awful economy, I do try hard to make these blitherings of use to those of you out there who read this blog.  And, I’m certainly not above “ego-involvement” in it, so when The Job Stalker gets... Read more »

Another milestone, catching up ... So, last Friday’s post was my 150th as The Job Stalker, and (as I noted at my hundredth post) I certainly never anticipated being out of a job this long!  On post #100 I did an update that provided direct links to all the preceding posts, and I figured that catching up from there... Read more »

Well, there you go ... I guess I should just give up trying to make sense of the Twitter data flow, at least in relation to the limited amount of time that I’ve been able to give it in the waning days of the Census (I did get renewed for the next phase, but it should only be another... Read more »